The BRIT Awards 2018
Brand Resources


The master artwork must not be modified, altered, amended, added to, or subtracted from, in any manner. It should always appear on a plain background that provides a high contrast and no smaller than 25mm wide for print or 110 pixels for digital use. Under no circumstances should the Mastercard logo or the text “BRIT Awards 2018 with” be cropped, moved,  or removed from the artwork.


Minimum Size

Print 25 x 12 mm
Digital 110 x 50 pixels


The BRIT Awards primary typeface is Myriad Pro. All weights of this typeface may be used. Regular is preferred for headings. 



The first reference to the event in any copy must be “The BRIT Awards [year if applicable] with Mastercard”. This is the preferred route for our name and this should be used wherever possible.

For example “The BRIT Awards 2018
in association with Mastercard” or
“The BRIT Awards 2018 with Mastercard”.

The acronym “BRIT” must always be in upper case. BRIT stands for The British Record Industry Trust, the UK music charity which receives proceeds of the BRIT events.

If shortening the event title to “The BRITs”, BRIT must be spelt in capital letters with a lower case “s”. There must be a capitalised “The” before “The BRIT Awards” or “The BRITs” when referring to the event directly.